What We Do


We are developing a unique experience, utilizing the ability to transport the viewer into a spectacular theatrical realm only available with the platform of VR, and using it to enhance the connectedness of audience members with a Live Cast of Actors performing in Real Time.

We are the creators  - Reimaging Live Theatre for the New World.

How We Work

As a multidisciplinary team, we use the knowledge that we bring from our unique backgrounds to tell stories the way you have never seen before.

We are always open to new stories and new collaborators.

Our first VIRT story is going to be available on Facebook Horizon. 

Stay tuned!

Who We Are


We are an international team, combining personal talents, to become a force field company in pioneering new and exciting theatrical experiences, in a rapidly changing world.

Out of a desire to make Live Theatrical experiences accessible to every individual, regardless of location, race, age or economic status, within the safe boundaries of one's own home environment, VIRT was born.

We know how essential positive experiences are. Especially, if circumstances make it harder to have any. That's why we created the Nanny Moo Project, to help kids in need of achieving positive experiences in their lives, utilizing the power of their minds with the help of VR.

What We Believe

As actors, we felt the urge to share stories with everyone in the world without boundaries and limitations. We realized that the new norm, to stay at home, created a new opportunity to experience uplifting tales through a different medium. That's why we created RoMi Productions, to make a bridge between live storytelling and the most advanced technology.

We want theatre and positive experiences to be accessible to all. We want to use our ability to integrate a beautiful ancient art, of connection, catharsis, entertainment and thought provoking circumstances with modern technology to provide the opportunity to view live theatre or engaging expeditions from wherever you are. 

We believe that stories are for everyone. Now we bring them to you.