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VR Services Available

RoMi Productions

RoMi Productions 
Proudly Partnered with
VRlist for all your VR
entertainment needs!


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We can Produce any promotional material for your VR Business, which includes working with you to Write, Direct, Film & Edit advertising reels to promote your creations.

We can feature your work in our popular

Web 3 comedy series Meta Vixens.

We also offer Corporate Entertainment. A Conference is never complete, until the entertainment starts! It's no different in the Metaverse. We have a number of Bitesize Broadway VR shows ready to go to complete your night and give your conference a professional edge!


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Coming soon...


The Nanny Moo Project

Green Rooftop

Coming soon...

Projects in Development

We create stories for small and big in a virtual world to entertain and empower.

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